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Short Stories

A number of years ago, Captain Hans Mateboer was asked to write about his personal experiences on board cruise ships for Cruise Industry News. Reader responses were so positive that the stories were compiled into three short-story books. Guaranteed to generate lots of laughs because truth is stranger than fiction!

The Captain's Log

The stories are about everyday people who work, socialize, and live on cruise ships. Like their counterparts ashore, they have their faults and their hopes, and at times, they even achieve their share of greatness. Lots of unusual things happen on board ships and this book is just a sampling. Most of the stories are funny because they take place in an environment geared to bring happiness and relaxation to its guests, but some also touch the soul because the crew is full of good-hearted people who want to make others happy. This book is about the day-to-day workings of the ships on which I've served. Every story truly happened. This book is a picture of my life and that of many others who have spent so much time at sea.

The Captain's Log by Captain Hans Mateboer. 28 stories, 231 pages. Printed in the United States. $14.95; eBook $8.99

The Captain's Journal

For all those readers who enjoyed The Captain's Log and wanted to read more about the captain and his "motley crew," here it is! The stories again are funny, exciting and sometimes moving - from older cruisers renewing their wedding vows or changing ports at the last minute to stay ahead of a tropical hurricane, to a WWII veteran honoring comrades lost at sea or fulfilling a dying boy's last wish. Here are more tales of the extraordinary people who sail the oceans.

The Captain's Journal by Captain Hans Mateboer. Paper. 32 stories. 231 pages. Printed in the United States. $14.95; eBook $8.99

The Captain's Quest

This eBook is a "seaman's sampler" for those of you who want to wade into cruising before you dive right in! Eight stories - one each from The Captain's Log and The Captain's Journal and six new ones. Get your feet wet with these, then join the thousands of readers who have enjoyed the other books.

The Captain's Quest by Captain Hans Mateboer. eBook for only 99 cents!!