Greeting Cards

Captain's Publishing and Sea Salt are niche companies that publish
sea-related books and greeting cards.

The oceans cover the better part of the world's surface, so what better way to find out more about it for yourself and your children than right here?
Our goal is to raise the awareness about the world's oceans and seas, which is our passion. Our products are available on most major cruise ships,
on this website and through, Barnes and Noble, and all other major retailers.

Peter the Cruise Ship Series

Introduce your children to amazing adventures happening on the high seas in Alaska, the Caribbean, and around the world! Great educational and entertaining kids' books about friendships at sea and solutions to childhood challenges.

Greeting Cards

Definitely Nautical,
Uncommonly Unique

Beautiful cards created exclusively for Sea Salt by real artists and cartographers to share with others or just to collect.

Whether they remind you of a place you’ve been or a place you’d like to visit, Sea Salt greeting cards are the perfect way to
"sprinkle a little sunshine."

Captain’s Log Series

Treat yourself to the hilarious but true stories written by cruise ship captain Hans Mateboer about what's happening on board those big ships on the high seas.